We have been at Poppy’s for just under three months and really love it. 
The best bits:
  • Chelsie and Jodine
  • The amount of messy play and outdoors time my child gets
  • How much I feel like he is safe and taken care of
  • How happy he is when he comes home
  • How friendly the staff are
  • The location is really good
  • The phone is always answered really quickly
  • They are super on top of illness
  • The photos on a Monday are a real highlight

I just wanted to share how delighted we’ve been with the care he’s received from Jodine, I can imagine it would have been a difficult task for any child carer, but Jodine has been the most patient, understanding, positive professional and the perfect key person for our child.

I first met Katherine when my son visited Poppy's Day Nursery as a prospective nursery for him to attend in 2018.  Katherine was warm, welcoming and friendly to myself, my husband and my son and we were pleased he was able to attend the nursery from 6 months old.
Katherine has been approachable regarding any difficulties or issues that I have experienced and was extremely supportive when I was diagnosed with a neurological condition.  She goes above and beyond to create a supportive environment for both children and their parent/carer. 
In additional Katherine has strong communication skills and shares information clearly and concisely, this has been an essential quality during the Covid-19 pandemic.  
Katherine is a very dedicated person and she has a passion for children to thrive with the Early Years setting.  The environment that Katherine has established within Poppy's Day Nursery is excellent for learning and development and as a result my son has thrived.

Our experience with Poppy’s has been second to none from the very beginning.

Back in 2019 when we decided to move to Staplehurst the biggest concern we had was childcare for our then 1 and a half year old daughter. Poppy’s was our first choice and certainly the best. Katherine and her team managed to accommodate us and two years later we have got two beautiful daughters attending their nurseries. They absolutely love every single day, hardly ever there are tears and we are greeted with big smile on their faces at the end of each day. 

Every establishment starts with a good leader and certainly Katherine is one of them. You can email/ call her with any concern and can be sure you will be heard. Even if you are after a mum-to-mum advise. There is this feeling of close community that Katherine and her team nourishes which is so important when you come from different culture and don’t have extensive family near you. Therefore we could not be more grateful for being part of Poppy’s family. 

I am very very happy with Poppy's. As an independent nursery, it has a real family feel. My girls absolutely love/d going there and they adore/d their key workers. I'm very happy with quality of the planning and activities offered but most of all how everyone at Poppy's really seems to care about my children! Highly recommended.