Bluebell Room

Bluebell Room



7.30am Children start to arrive

7.30-8.30am Rolling breakfast

8.30am Pull up/toilet run

9am Garden time

10am Snack time

10.20am Circle time

10.30-11.25am Art/Messy/Structured play

11.25am Toilet run/Wash hands

11.30am Lunch 

12-2pm Nap time/Freeplay/Adult led activity

2pm Pull up

2.10pm Snack time

3-3.40pm Garden time

3.40pm Toilet run/Wash hands

3.50pm Tea time (Children to make their own)

4.30pm Free play

5pm Interactive time/Circle time

5.10-6pm Free play

5.30pm Pull up

6pm Story and biscuit time



  • Independence
  • Life Skills
  • Supporting Personal Care
  • Safety
  • Healthy Eating
  • Positive Relationships
  • Self Registration
  • Promoting self-confidence, self-esteem, self control/care 
  • Adult Role Models


Louise Kitchenham

Third in Charge

Demi Fiore

Step Up Senior

Caroline Henson

Step Up Senior

Megan Lucas

Nursery Practitioner

Georgie Clements

Nursery Practitioner

Finnetta Trapp

Nursery Assistant

Clare Wilson

Nursery Practitioner

Leanna Apps

Nursery Practitioner

Alice Beach